Baker's Welding & Crane

Baker's Welding & Crane is committed to providing a safe working environment. We maintain a comprehensive and rigorous safety program that meets and exceeds required guidelines. Baker's Welding & Crane conducts pre-employment, post incident and federally mandated random drug testing.

Baker's Welding & Crane upholds its position as a leader by promoting occupational health and safety excellence with an aggressive approach. Our practices in certification, training and policies far exceed those required on a State or Federal level.

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee and our objective is to create an understanding that safety has a direct correlation to our financial success. Our employees hold National Certified Crane Operators (NCO) Certificates as well as Forklift Operator Certificates, Mine Safety And Health Administration (MSHA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training certificates as well as other necessary training to keep your job site safe as well as our employees. All of Baker's Welding and Crane's equipment is Third Party inspected annually. Daily inspections are performed by the employees prior to leaving the yard.

We require pre-lift meetings to ensure success in providing a safe lift regardless of size.

Baker's Welding & Crane’s commitment to excellence allows our organization to provide unparalleled level of professionalism and dependability throughout the region.

Our highly trained staff are committed to thorough and continuous maintenance, insuring support for even our most sophisticated equipment. We are ready to address mechanical issues on a moment’s notice – 24 hours a day!


We are ready to meet the needs of our clients!

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